Our books are designed to get your students fluent in the language of math!

These books provide everything a teacher needs in order to raise their students’ math achievement.  Our books provide repetitive, high-level word problems that are identical to those seen on your state test.  Every school that used our books in 2021 saw student growth.  After the concrete level in mathematics, our books will provide the structure needed for students to utilize the pictorial aspect of math so they can become abstract thinkers and problem solvers. 

Click above to find your state so you can see samples from the series of books we have created! 

“Math Fluency in Basic Facts” provides warm-ups, homework, and extra practice for every standard!  Students can actually take work home that resembles the test!  This book provides scaffolding and repetition that will meet any student where they are and move them up fast!

“Math Fluency in Problem Solving” (word problems only) provides students with hundreds of word problems that are 100% aligned to your state test.  Teachers have raved about how the repetitive nature of our word problems actually over prepares students.  Please see the video below.

“Math Fluency in Problem Solving” (basic facts & word problems) combines every aspect of the books mentioned above.  It is the ultimate mix of word problems, basic facts, math computations, and repetition that every student needs to become a mathematician!

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