4th Grade DIGITAL Texas


This is an ONLINE math book that provides THOUSANDS of STAAR math word problems. We have also created the STAAR New Question Types that are seen in the latest STAAR tests in Texas!

▪︎The book is broken up by standard.
▪︎There are hundreds of quizzes in this book that look EXACTLY like the STAAR test.
▪︎Each quiz is automatically graded so you will know how students or child did.
▪︎We are the ONLY publisher that has STAAR test problems available to the public in an online format.
▪︎Before you purchase, you will be required to enter your email address so you can receive a username & password reset.

To order, call 888-902-3005 or email customers@johnsonlearningsystems.com

A minimum of 30 paperback books must be ordered per order.

▪︎Our word problems & digital word problems look EXACTLY like those seen on the new STAAR test.
▪︎Math Fluency in Problem Solving ONLINE is available to schools & PARENTS!
▪︎Parents & individuals who order for their child will gain instant access after purchase.
▪︎Schools who have interest in ordering should call 888-902-3005 to obtain a quote.
▪︎We offer discounts to schools who order the digital & paperback book together.
▪︎A minimum of 30 paperback books in the same grade level must be ordered in an order.
▪︎To order paperback or digital books in bulk, call 888-902-3005. Our paperback books include a basic facts (+×÷-) program to help build students’ foundation.