4th Grade “Math Fluency in Problem Solving”


.  Your students will receive high level word problems, a basic facts program, and math computational skills seen on your state assessment.  All of our workbooks spiral, and students receive daily practice with a number of skills each day on our fluency practice sheets.  Please email us at customers@johnsonlearningsystems.com or call at 800-484-1590 for FREE SAMPLES!


A minimum of 30 workbooks must be purchased.

The price drops to $18.00 with the purchase of 100 or more 5th grade workbooks.We

This book contains well over 200 pages of word problems and basic facts.  It is designed to meet all students where they are.  It is aligned to your state’s curriculum, and provides problems identical to those seen on your state test.  It also provides, warm-ups, homework, and extra practice for every standard!  This is what will turn your students into mathematicians!


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