5th Grade New York DIGITAL Book

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This is an ONLINE math book that provides THOUSANDS of New York State Math Test word problems.

▪︎The book is broken up by standard.
▪︎There are hundreds of quizzes in this book that look EXACTLY like the New York State Math Test.
▪︎Each quiz is automatically graded so you will know how students or child did.
▪︎We are the ONLY publisher that has New York State Math Test test problems available to the public in an online format.
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▪︎Our word problems & digital word problems look EXACTLY like those seen on the New York State Math Test.
▪︎Math Fluency in Problem Solving ONLINE is available to schools & PARENTS!
▪︎Parents & individuals who order for their child will gain instant access after purchase.
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▪︎We offer discounts to schools who order the digital & paperback book together.
▪︎To order paperback books, call 888-902-3005. Our paperback books include a basic facts (+×÷-) program to help build students’ foundation.