We provide 1,000’s of high-level word problems that are 100% aligned to the curriculums of over 40 states in the United States.

Our digital book provides in depth data that will allow teachers to know how all students are performing in every standard.

Phone Access

Thousands of word problems can be seen from ANY DEVICE!  Students and teachers will automatically know how they scored because all of our quizzes are graded automatically.  Teachers can then export all data to an excel sheet.

Open-Ended Word Problems

Math Fluency in Problem Solving DIGITAL provides many different types of word problems that are aligned to your state test.  This is a drag & drop style problems that is seen on some of our assessments.

High-Level Word Problems

We provide many high level word problems which will allow teaches to give students the practice they need to reach mastery.

Get Data Immediately

We have 1,000’s of word problems that are graded immediately.  Teachers will immediately know:

  • How long it took a student to complete a quiz.
  • The score each student received on a quiz.
  • Know the percentage of students who missed a certain question.

Quiz Data

With our gradebook, teachers will automatically know how a student did.  In this image from the gradebook, the teacher can look at a quiz that was taken and see if the question is correct or incorrect.  They can also see how long it took the student to complete the quiz.

Itemized Data

Our teacher gradebook provides itemized data that can look at each question & provide the percentage of students that missed each question.  This data can be exported to an excel spreadsheet.  Math Fluency in Problem Solving DIGITAL provides every aspect of data a teacher may need.


Schools that bundle our paperback AND DIGITAL books can save big.  Get both for only $30!  

Digital Book

Math Fluency in Problem Solving DIGITAL is available for PARENTS, TEACHERS [individually], & schools.  In the past we did not provide teachers single copies of our paperback books, but we do provide single copies of our digital book, and its provided on a 1-year site license.

Math Fluency in Problem Solving


Our classic paperback books offer thousands of word problems, open-ended word problems, and a complete basic facts program that will get your students fluent in the language of math!


No other company is providing PARENTS, & individual teachers access to high-level problems like we are.

Assessment Creators

Lets us create your next Benchmark test that is given to your school and/or district. We can provide a digital testing environment that is identical to your state test.